Question: How Did Henderson Die In You?

Who kills Henderson?

#2: Henderson But everything went left as Henderson fought back and tried to escape.

During the scuffle, Joe pushed him down the stairs—and that’s that..

How many people did Joe kill in you?

t’s safe to say that Joe Goldberg has been one busy son of a gun these last few years – killing a whopping eight people in total since You first arrived on Netflix in 2018.

Why does love kill Candace?

Unfortunately the story of how Joe tried to kill Candace didn’t seem to deter Love and she became more obsessed with the book lover. She became so infatuated in fact, she ended up murdering Candace to stop her from revealing how twisted Joe really is and how he has killed several times.

Are Joe and love still together?

In the season-two finale, Love reveals that not only is she a murderer, but that she killed Joe’s neighbor to protect him. … Naturally, You being You, Love and Joe end the season married with a baby on the way.

Does Joe kill love?

“He murders her and then confesses to everything he’s ever done but he turns his daughter over to his reformed mother or sister to raise. “It ends with Joe in jail finally paying for his crimes and realising he’s done everything up this point for his daughter and to stop Love.”

Who all did love kill?

By the end of the season, she’s killed not one, not two, but three people: her au pair, Delilah, and Candace. Still, astute viewers have theorized that there may have been another victim whose death went under the radar: James, Love’s late husband.

Does Joe kill Delilah in you?

Her throat has been slit and she is surrounded by blood. In the Season 2 finale, Joe’s girlfriend, Love, reveals that she murdered Delilah. … Having discovered the truth about Joe, Delilah is killed, and Ellie is left without a guardian. Delilah’s death is one of the most devastating aspects of You Season 2.

Does Beck cheat on Joe?

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime. Last week on You, Joe (Penn Badgley) forgave Beck (Elizabeth Lail) for cheating on him with Dr. Nicky (John Stamos). … As Beck cries, screams, and curses at Joe from behind glass, Joe reveals his dirtiest deeds — and he has a semi-logical explanation for each one.

What did Candace do to Joe?

Season 1 didn’t explain what happened to her after she and Joe broke up. Turns out, when Candace tried to end the relationship, Joe knocked her unconscious, drove her deep into a forest and tried to bury her alive. When Candace woke up, she was able to push through the dirt and go to the police.

Does Joe Kill Love in You Season 2?

Joe Goldberg thought that Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was the woman of his dreams before she turned into something else in the penultimate episode. In You’s Season 2 finale, Love fully reveals that she and Joe are one and the same. … It turns out that Love is the one who actually murdered Delilah.

Who kills forty Quinn?

The scene cuts away from him just as he’s shot and killed by the cop (Danny Vasquez). Scully told TheWrap that this scene was shot on the second season’s last day of filming and took 15 hours to lock down due to the number of elements involved and the fact they wanted it to “feel very cinematic.”

Does Joe kill Henderson?

So Joe did. But not right away. Joe only let Will go after Joe accidentally killed Henderson (Chris D’Elia). Originally, Joe’s intention was just to get Henderson to confess on tape about his sexual misconduct, but it turned to murder when Henderson tried to escape.

Did Joe from you kill Candace?

Warning: spoilers for You ahead. Lifetime-turned-Netflix series You is all about the twisted romance between bookstore manager Joe (Penn Badgley) and MFA student Beck (Elizabeth Lail). … In the novel, Joe indeed killed Candace by drowning her on the beach when she attempted to break up with him.

Does Joe get caught in you?

The main reason Joe was not caught was that his girlfriend, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), who could have been a victim, was also a psychopathic killer herself. … The only person who knows the cage exists is Will Bettleheim (Robin Lord Taylor), who Joe had imprisoned at the beginning of the series.

How does Joe kill Beck in you?

In it, Joe chokes Beck to death on the bookstore floor after she fails to escape. She fights back, but he overpowers her and ultimately kills her, according to Bustle. Like he does in the show, Joe frames Beck’s therapist and lover Dr. Nicky for her murder.

Does Joe kill Paco in you?

The character of Joe’s young neighbor Paco (Luca Padovan) also became an important ingredient in raising the stakes for Joe. All season long, Joe tried to protect Paco from his mother’s abusive boyfriend Ron (Daniel Cosgrove) and in the finale ended up killing him — in front of Paco’s eyes.

Does Henderson die in you?

Henderson is killed by Joe and his disturbing past is revealed. After being drugged and tied up by Joe, Henderson (Chris D’Elia) is forced to confess his evil past of sexually abusing underage girls. … During a fight, Joe pushes Henderson down the stairs of the basement, accidentally killing him.

Does love kill Candace?

Love kills Candace, slashing her throat and leaving her to bleed out in a storage facility. Confronting Joe, she confesses that, much like Joe, she can and has killed for the people she loves — Joe, her twin brother Forty (James Scully), her and Joe’s unborn baby.