Quick Answer: Did Ahsoka Know About Padme’S Death?

Is Ezra Bridger alive in rise of Skywalker?

as Kanan Jarrus, who died towards the end of Star Wars Rebels, but it does not include his apprentice Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray).

For The Rise of Skywalker to include the voice of Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano but not Ezra means that Ezra simply hasn’t died yet..

Who does ahsoka marry?

At some point, during the Clone Wars, Ahsoka had somehow discovered that Padmé was (secretly) married to her then-mentor, Anakin Skywalker, but she never revealed this to anyone; as Ahsoka knew full well, if she revealed this secret to the public, not only would Padmé be removed from the senate, but Anakin would also …

Are Ahsoka and Rex in love?

In The End, ‘The Clone Wars’ is All About Ahsoka and Rex, According to Dave Filoni. The Clone Wars’ fans are so passionate, that their love for the show brought it back after being canceled in 2013.

Did Obi Wan die a virgin?

Obi Wan died a virgin. Qui Gon died because the multitude of STD’s he’d contracted slowed his reflexes down.

Is ahsoka a GREY Jedi?

Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars can also technically be called a Gray Jedi, due to her forsaking the ways of the Jedi, but still following a path of good. However, neither of these two ever trained to use the dark side of the Force, so they are arguably not “true” Gray Jedi.

Did Ahsoka Tano ever fall in love?

When Steela died, Lux and Steela’s brother were devastated, and Ahsoka felt sorry for Lux. During this arc, Anakin also noticed, recognised, and advised Ahsoka on her feelings. This led Ahsoka to never admit her crush on Lux to him. As a result, Ahsoka and Lux never got together.

How did Ahsoka Tano die?

One of the longest-running mysteries of Star Wars Rebels was of what happened to Ahsoka Tano in the Season 2 finale after she faced off against Darth Vader. … Ezra saved her by reaching back in time and yanking her to safety before Vader could strike a killing blow. Ahsoka lives.

Did ahsoka know about Padme?

It became ambiguous with what Ahsoka Tano knew about Anakin Skywalker’s marriage to Padmé Amidala. Now, it seems we finally have an answer. In a recent episode of the web series, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny to reveal she did in fact know of the couple’s dirty little secret.

Does Ahsoka know Vader is Anakin?

Yes Ahsoka knew that Vader was Anakin, or she suspected such at least. Whenever she’s watching that holo of Anakin’s style and Ezra walks in on her, you could see it. Ahsoka knew in her feelings that the Sith Lord was Anakin.

Did ahsoka meet Luke?

Speaking only for Legends, the answer is no. Ahsoka never meets Luke or Leia. This is because she appeared very late in the old EU’s run, and they were still trying to fix the Clone Wars timeline when Disney came along and made it all a moot point.

How much older is Anakin than Padme?

Anakin and Padmé are reunited a decade later in 22 BBY during Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. This time jump makes Padmé a very mature 24 years old, while Anakin is still a Jedi Padawan and teenager at the age of 19. This formidable time in their lives is when the romance between the two sparks.

Was Ahsoka Tano killed?

Ahsoka first entered the Star Wars canon as Anakin Skywalker’s padawan in the Clone Wars animated series. … While her friends initially believed she died during her confrontation with her former master, the final few episodes of Rebels revealed that Ahsoka was alive and well.