Quick Answer: How Do You Become A Hard Hitter Batsman?

Who is longest six in the world?

Shahid AfridiShahid Afridi, Johannesburg 2013 – 120 meters Although many articles claim that Shahid Afridi hit sixes that traveled over 150 meters, the one that can be confirmed is the six Afridi hit in Johannesburg ‘s 3rd ODI on March 17, 2013, against South Africa.

It was a huge one and it traveled for 120 metres..

Who hit six fours in an over?

Chris GayleChris Gayle (West Indies vs England, 2004) – Test The giant of T20 cricket holds the record being the only batsman to send the first ball of a Test match for a six. Gayle also earned the distinction of scoring six fours in an over at The Oval in 2004.

How do you hit farther?

Here are a few quick tips to help you succeed in hitting a baseball farther:Become strong. … Don’t Neglect the Lower Body. … Find the Right Grip for You. … Stand Right. … Hit the Ball at the Right Spot. … Don’t stop after you make Contact. … Find the Right Bat.

How do you become a hard hitter in cricket?

5 Tips On How To Get Better At Power Hitting In Cricket1) The back-lift. The height of the back-lift is directly proportional to the impact of bat on the ball. … 2) Momentum. If you are playing a fast bowler, you can use the pace of the ball to hit a powerful shot. … 3) Using the feet. This is a technique more preferred to adjusting the back-lifts. … 4) Timing. … 5) Free the arms.

Who is Sixer King?

One of the most prolific batsman of the country Yuvraj Singh is celebrating his 35th on Monday. Fondly called as the ‘sixer king’ Yuvraj share an interesting span of ups and downs in both his career and his personal life. … Born on December 12, 1981, Yuvraj is one of the most thrilling batsmen in one-day cricket.

Who hit six sixes in test?

Sir Garfield SobersSir Garfield Sobers: One of the greatest all-rounders to have graced the game, Sir Garfield Sobers was the first batsman to achieve the feat of hitting six sixes in a single over. It came for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan’s Malcolm Nash during a county match in 1968 as a captain.

Who beat 6 balls 6 sixes?

Herschelle Gibbs It was during the World Cup in 2007, when he hit Daan van Bunge of the Netherlands for the full complement of six sixes in the over.

What muscles hit home runs?

Benefits of the Barbell Home Run Press It stresses the muscles of the shoulder, upper back as well as every muscle of the body’s core in a rotational motion. There is a fine line between heavy rotational drills that increase your performance and those that mess up your hitting mechanics.

Who is the best hard hitter in cricket?

Here is the list of top Most Dangerous Hard Hitters in cricket.Kieron Pollard.Glenn Maxwell. … Abdul Razzaq. … Yuvraj Singh. … MS Dhoni. … Jesse Ryder. Jesse-Ryder. … Virender Sehwag. Virender Sehwag (VIRU ) is the Indian Opening batsman, Virender Sehwag has one of the best Strike rates in world cricket. … Shane Watson. Shane-Watson. … More items…•