Quick Answer: Who Was The Basketball Player Who Died On The Court?

Have any NBA players died on the court?

Reggie Lewis (November 21, 1965 – July 27, 1993) After a stellar career in college, Reggie Lewis was well on his way to becoming one of the premier players in the NBA.

Then on April 29, 1993, in a playoff game against the Hornets, Lewis collapsed on the court..

Who died in 2020?

All the Celebrities We’ve Said Farewell to in 2020Sean Connery. The actor, best known for playing James Bond, died at age 90 on Oct. 31. … Rhonda Fleming. … Nikki McKibbin. … Anthony Chisholm. … Eddie Van Halen. … Chadwick Boseman. … Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … Little Richard.More items…•

What college did Hank Gathers go to?

Loyola Marymount University1986–1990Hank Gathers/College

Who is the most famous dead celebrity?

2019 listRankNameCause of Death1Michael JacksonOverdose/Homicide2Elvis PresleyHeart attack3Charles SchulzCancer4Arnold PalmerHeart disease9 more rows

What killed Hank Gathers?

March 4, 1990Hank Gathers/Date of death

What age did Hank Gathers die?

23 years (1967–1990)Hank Gathers/Age at death

Did Hank Gathers die on the court?

Thirty years ago Wednesday, Gathers collapsed on the court inside Loyola Marymount’s arena during the semifinals of West Coast Conference tournament. He was pronounced dead at nearby Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital about two hours later. An autopsy found Gathers died of cardiomyopathy, a heart-muscle disorder.

What Boston Celtics player died on the court?

Reggie LewisOn this day, former Boston Celtics small forward Reggie Lewis died unexpectedly after collapsing on a basketball court at Brandeis University while working out in 1993.

How old was Kobe died?

41 years (1978–2020)Kobe Bryant/Age at death

Was Kobe killed today?

The retired Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, 41, and his daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday.

How tall was Kobe Bryant?

1.98 mKobe Bryant/Height

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

Vanessa Bryantm. 2001–2020Kobe Bryant/Wife

What singer just died 2020?

2020NameAgeDateAlan Merrill Arrows69March 29, 2020Bill Withers81March 30, 2020Cristina Singer with ZE Records64March 31, 2020Adam Schlesinger Fountains of Wayne, Ivy52April 1, 202098 more rows

What country singers died in 2020?

Kenny Rogers, John Prine and multi-genre pioneer Little Richard are among the true legends we’ve lost so far in 2020, and fans have also said goodbye to members of some of the all-time most successful country groups, including Willie Nelson’s Family Band, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler …